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This is one of those things that you might expect to see on a spoof website.

Teachers stage fake gunman attack on sixth graders [cnn.com]

A partial quote:

MURFREESBORO, Tennessee (AP) -- Staff members of an elementary school staged a fictitious gun attack on students during a class trip, telling them it was not a drill as the children cried and hid under tables.

The mock attack Thursday night was intended as a learning experience and lasted five minutes during the week-long trip to a state park, said Scales Elementary School Assistant Principal Don Bartch, who led the trip.

Now, to get it out of the way:

The School's press release/response can be found on the school website, "Scales Elementary."

Scales Release

That's right, this was (as noted) Elementary School kids.
How does an 11 year old react to a gunman threat?

Reading both, the article plays up the incident, and the release downplays it.
I will be curious to see where this goes, but I can tell you one thing...

I am glad I don't have any kids going to that school!


Jan. 6th, 2006 08:49 pm
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I just saw the CNN news article about the 4 yr old that was listed as a terrorist on the no-fly list. Yeesh... (common name, so it was technically someone els - but, he got stopped and denied all the same)
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I understand that you might find the phrase "Happy Holidays" to not best describe your particular feelings for the season. You are welcome to this opinion. Trying to tell me that I can't use this phrase, though, is encroaching into my territory.

For the Many Morons that feel, for whatever reason, that "Happy Holidays" is a "recent creation of the far left liberal conspiracy" (or some-such) please note that both here and here it is shown to be over 60 years old, easily. The term "holiday" has a much older root of (imagine this!) "holy day!"

Please take heart the spirit of most religions and groups, and pay attention to the feeling behind the words! Yes, actually pay attention to the fact that someone is wishing you well. Stop fucking rules lawyering your holiday cheer!! Gaaa!

[ Notation: Happy Holiday - From: Holiday Inn - Composer: Irving Berlin - ©1941 ]
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Pulled from Slashdot was the following article.

Music Should Be Heard But Not Understood


... "Warner/Chapell music has cease-and-desisted a small freeware developer who wrote a Mac OS X lyrics downoading application." ...


One of the responses to the article was as follows:

It is 3Q 2030.

You're arguing with your wife again. It seems she's missed her spending quota again this quarter. A proud patriot, you have no problem spending 85% and sometimes 90% of your income on consumer goods, yet she can't manage to spend even close to the 75% required by law. It's that foreign mentality, you suppose--that's what happens when you are educated overseas and without the benefit of a corporate sponsor. You have to remind her that if the Internal Consumer's Service (ICS) catches her, she'll be doing time in Philip Morris(TM) Prison like her uncle.

Oh well, hopefully a night at the town's AOL-Time-Warner-Clear-Channel-Blockbuster(TM) Authorized Media Distribution Center will smooth things over with her. That reminds you--you need to have your eye- and ear-implants inspected for this quarter again, otherwise you won't even be allowed in tonight.

You haven't attended church services for a while. Although your wife is a devout follower of God's Customers(TM) and shops in the Church Store at LEAST five times a quarter, you're not yet convinced that converting from Consumers For Jesus(TM) was that sound an investment.

Your son Rick has just graduated from the local McDonalds(TM) High School. You want him to go to Pepsi(TM) University like his sister, but he wants to go to Coke(TM) College. Not that it matters--the permits you get at either school are the same. Although he really wanted to attend Stanford(TM), his corporate sponsors rejected that proposal, based on what it might do to his credit rating.

Your youngest daughter just graduated Pepsi(TM) U. It was expensive, but she is all set now, having received a Creative Thought Permit and a Entrepreneurship License. On top of that she's accepted a job at Fortune 10 corporation. Of course almost everyone works for a Fortune 10 nowadays, there being only thirty-some corporations left. It's too bad she had to sign all those NDA's though--you'd really like to be allowed to know where she would be living and how to get in touch with her. Ahh well, it's the price you pay for our corporate security.

Your older daughter, after twenty quarters of employment, was finally permitted to tell you that she is working in middle-management at AT&T. Of course, every job in the United Corporations of America is middle-management. The cheaper--skilled--labor is all outsourced to Those Other Countries, whatever they are called. In ten more quarters, assuming her credit rating remains good and she has attained Shareholder status, she'll be allowed to talk face-to-face (no encrypted channel) with us again!

Apparently, her five year old daughter has been grounded again, this time for racking up a $6000 fine--singing "Happy Birthday(TM)" at a party without a Media Distribution License. She really needs to be taught a lesson--that as a patriotic Consumer of the UCA, she needs to respect the rights of Shareholders and property owners. What a dangerous thoughts she has! She thinks she should be allowed to say whatever she pleases, no matter what it does to someone else's portfolio! No one can get it through to her that terrorist ideas like that will land her in one of those "special" schools--and she'd be subjected to a lower quarterly limit on all her credit cards.

Fax from your wife--she'll be late tonight. Corporate HQ has re-instated fourteen-hour work days until the end of this quarter. It's too bad she's not allowed to quit her job--you could get her a pretty sweet management position any time in your department at Microsoft.

This document is hereby released to the public domain. You may (and are encouraged to) reproduce, republish, read, modify, and/or archive it without limitation.

Original story by Accord MT [slashdot.org]

I felt the need to re-post this, so I did.


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