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I start a new job Monday.
I will be working TS at a center in Nashville.
It is a shorter drive, and for more money.
I am actually looking forward to this.

In other news, we have almost finished setting up the last few lagging things in the appt.
There is need for one more bookshelf, and for a CD rack. Also need to finish organizing files.
Otherwise, we are done. Yay!


Dec. 3rd, 2005 12:26 am
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Good News: I got a job!

It's a bit of a drive (75 minutes, one way).
It's at about the least amount that I can work at, considering the distance, and cover my main bills.
I had to join the Union to get the job.
But it's a job!
I am really glad that I did get it, as it is so close that I am going to have to
borrow to cover initial expenses (new shoes - work boots) and minor foodage until I get
my first couple paycheks. (target date 12/15)



Oct. 9th, 2005 11:04 pm
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I spoke to mom late in September.
She said that she would be on a business trip for the next two weeks, but would try to send me some $$ to come visit her when she returns. As I currently have no $$, and as of later last week no job, this would be a requirement. She will occasionally do this as a birthday present and christmas present for both myself and her. I told her, this time, to not buy me a plane ticket, and I can bring Omimouse with me. (She needs a vacation)
I am looking forward to her returning and (if all goes well) to her doing so, and going on this trip. It is an 800 mile trip each way, but I have driven longer roads. And not being employed, I will have (for the first time) the ability to actually be a bit flexible in the schedule. If we only want to stay a week or ten days, we can... If we want to stay two weeks, we can do that, too. Of course, it is also nice that we would not be looking at going to FL to visit until November early; this dodges the likelihood of further hurricanes in my/our direct future.
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So, I was sitting here and checking out my credit report, and I get a phone call.

From EDS.

The HR manager wanted to know how I was doing regarding my rotator cuff problem (hasn't been a problem in a month) and if I wanted to still work for EDS. I noted the steroids had messed with my ability to cope with things like extremely rude customers. She stated she would be glad to see if they could arrange for me to work on the E-Mail team, which has minimal phone contact with the customers, and what they do is mostly prospective. I told her that might be doable, and she will look into this. I will await a call in the next couple days and see.

My old job as a Customer/Area Manager would not really be doable, at this point. I am still not feeling up to doing that, and my health has (overall) risen a decent amount since I stopped... but, the email might just be doable.

I am still not sure how to feel about this, but the income will soon become a necessity.

I might just go to E-Mail and try to start helping with a home based business that might be popping up around here, soon. (Assuming there is an E-Mail position open.)

We shall see.
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I have not updated my journal, lately, so I figured I would get to it.

Long Entry Ahead )

I need to go to take Advil, and go to bed, now.
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Went to work yesterday, and noticed that as the sinus crap went away I was starting to cough.
Coughing more, today.
Sinus crap mostly, but not totally, gone.
Body aches.
Weird dreams.
Sense of balance off.
Called in, today - driving would not have been a good idea.
I think I managed to dehydrate in the 12 hours I was asleep.
I have almost no apatite, and energy.

Sense of balance is somewhat better, but depth perception still off.
Vice around back of head.


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