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May. 21st, 2010 04:19 pm
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Saw my daughter, again, today.
She's doing okay, overall.

She's lost most of the weight she gained, though she's not down below her birthweight.
(This was something we were told would probably happen, micro-premie weight bounces a lot.)
Her sodium was a little off, so they had to address that.
Her sugars are only being addressed as-needed, now, so that's good.
They are trying to scale back her BP meds, to see if she can now sustain a reasonable BP on her own.
She's continuing to pee, so her organs are working.
Her temp is being kept up easier, the incubator is only set to 99 instead of 104.
They've done two or three brain scans, so far, and though I don't have the radiologist take on it, the doctors who watched the techs do the scan said they didn't see any brain bleeds. (very, very good news)

She made it past the three day milestone, next stop is the one week milestone.

The doctor is trying to make sure we understand that it's still a touch and go thing. At this stage, if something goes wrong it's going to be (likely) a quick thing. We know this, but we're hoping that all the good signs and such will hold out for us. We live about 45 minutes from the hospital, so if they call with bad news we will likely try and break the land-speed record for back-road driving. I hope to not have to try that particular trick, of course.. My daughter seems to be a betting girl, and so far she's gotten along good with the odds. I hope she can keep it up.

They still have her being sedated, lightly, otherwise she gets annoyed by the medical equipment and tries to remove it.

I promised her that if she gets through this, we will take her to Disneyland/world, and the surrounding Parks.
Omi promised that she's be spoiled (though, not rotten) if she makes it though.

As always, thoughts/prayers are appreciated, and thanked for.
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There have been some people asking how they can help out regarding Amber.
Some people have come up with some things to do, others are asking for a donation link.
Here is said link. Any donations will go toward (a) covering the costs of my staying at the hospital until the next milestone (3 days) has been passed, (b) covering the cost of all the rest of the baby stuff that we didn't have yet because we were spacing out purchases to make them more affordable, and (c) covering additional costs (the list of possible complications that can arise from this is.. mindblowingly staggering.)

[ edited for clarity. ]
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As promised, here are the Ultrasound pictures. The smaller one was from a bed-side, portable unit. The larger four are from a full-sized Ultrasound unit.

Baby Pictures Below )

Approximate development age of 14.5 weeks, and weight of 4 oz. :)
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In my previous post, I had mentioned Omi's blood pressure had been taken at the Health Department, and found high. I neglected to mention the specifics of that, though. The measure was taken at 160/110. Later that day, at Wal-Mart, she used the BP machine and it gave her a reading of 156/112 (I think.)

After we got back from Wal-Mart, Wednesday evening, Omi took a nap. She then did some research online, and saw why the doctor/nurse had been upset. We discussed it for a bit, and she decided she wanted to just go ahead and go to the ER. (No doctor, yet, so not very likely to get seen for "anything" -soon.-) So, we grabbed our sweaters (it was Midnight-ish) and headed in to town, to the ER.

So, we got to the ER, and she put down why she was there, and that she was pregnant. Within five minutes, we were sitting with someone explaining why were were there. (This discussion, including previous medical details and history, suspisions, and casting our star chart, was repeated at least half a dozen times while we were there.) They started taking her BP, had to switch cuffs (failed the first three times, lol) and it rang up at a whopping 185/120. This made the medical staff gibber slightly, and slapped Omi in to a bed, drew eight vials of blood, took a urine sample, and attached a BP cuff to auto-test every five minutes.. for five hours. After hour three they gave Omi a shot of a BP med that's pregnancy-friendly. This took her BP down to 117/78.. for about a hour. It then went back up to about 145/95. After they injected her, they brought in a doppler mic to try and hear the baby's heart. They failed at this for about 15 minutes, then brought in an ultrasound device.. and showed us the first picture of the baby. Weighing in at 4 ounces, and about 15 weeks development, baby is still young enough to not be able to sex. Omi had a crying jag, and the nurse was able to clock 161 heartbeats per minute. (slightly high, but acceptable - they said standard range for beats is 100-160)

The hospital decided to keep her for 24 hour observation, and stuck us in a nice room. With one bed. Yay for me, though, they brought me a pull-out chair. After a couple hours, we went for a full-blown ultrasound (the other one was a bedside-unit, not quite as precise) and then we slept for a while. Over the next 24 hours, the hospital ran a large battery of tests on Omi. The staff was somewhat confused because there were no other symptoms, just high BP. (no feet swelling, no kidney issues, etc) The only test that came out positive was the screening for Gestational Diabetes - they are going to require her to take the longer test that calls for fasting sometime next week.

Anyways, this morning (after they finished collecting test samples) they had a social worker come in and ask us a few questions. Due to our financial situation, we should (or more to the point, Omi and Baby) qualify for Pregnancy-Medicaid. So, she gave us a list of paperwork to send her and told us it would backdate the cost to the first of this month, and will cover them until the end of the second month after delivery. This was the only real time someone brought up the cost of this.

So, with that taken care of, we thanked the staff, got in the car, and drove away.

We have an Rx for Omi for her BP, we have paperwork for Medicaid, we have paperwork for WiC to fill out, and we have two appointments we need to make, on top of the basic DR appointment. One for the Hypertension Clinic, and one for the High-Risk Pregnancy Clinic. Yes, the BP being that far up automatically makes this a high risk pregnancy.

An amusing side note, the baby seems to be very, very active. Little 4oz tadpole doing summersaults in the belly.

The cafeteria food was good quality, but most of their pre-packaged foods had HFCS in it, which was annoying. Glad to be out of there.

(pictures will be scanned in soon)
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I didn't realize that I had not been saying much of anything about this, but I guess it will be a bit of a surprise to people...

Most people know that myself and [ profile] omimouse were handfasted early this (2005) year.
Well, yesterday (Friday 23th December 2005) we went to the courthouse and had the legal paperwork taken care of.

We are now legally married.


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