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Dear MPAA,

I have nothing against your wanting to realistically protect your investments, and understand the need to assure your investors that you are serious about their money. I think that some of the new copy protection crap noted on ZDNET here is going a bit far, though.

If I purchase a DVD I should have the option, just like with a CD, to make a back-up copy. (yes, I heard what the RIAA is saying... and I know a bit about Fair Use)

Honestly, I am not interested in trading/selling a copy of the latest release with anyone!

Also, I know enough about computers to know that regardless of what protection is put in place someone will figure out how to hack it. (probably Linux groups, actually)

In the end these noted protections will likely mean that myself, and many others, will be very slow to adopt to the new standards... if at all.

The fact that it will be utilizing HDTV/digital signals and requiring massive hardware upgrades is just another nail in the coffin of speedy adoption and acceptance, though at least there I can understand somewhat; new technology will sometimes mean new hardware.

Hopefully the movie industry will take their time in trying to force the standard DVD format out of the stores, otherwise... it will not be pretty. Forcing a standards change in such fashion can backlash. (Rapid or Slow, actually.)

- Me


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