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Well, an Apology is a good first step.
Now we see how well they follow through on fixing things.
Then, we see how they handle things in the future.

I really do feel that this was handled extremely poorly.

There are some people who are poo-poo-ing those that feel that LJ violated them.
I think that at least a part of that subset will never understand unless they come
to have to join some of those groups for the stated reasons. (eg. Survivor Groups)

There are some that are going on about how 6A is a private company, and they can do
whatever they want, and would people please 'STFU KTYVMBYBY'...

I think that these people forget that, while it's true that 6A can do what they want,
they have to honor the ToS... and, in the end, if they are real idiots about how they
handles things that they will find them selves standing in an empty server room wondering
where all their customers went.

I'm gonna give 6A a chance. But. I'm not dropping GreatestJournal journal to the side.
And I still don't know what I'll do when it comes up for renewal in August.
I do know that, unless they do something to restore my trust in the very near future, that I will NOT be getting a Perm account (both myself and my wife, [livejournal.com profile] omimouse had been thinking of doing so.)

We now return you to a less frequent posting state.
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Here's the response

This is a good start. I'll wait to see how they handle things in the next few months before I make a decision about supporting them any further.. but I am willing to give them a chance, as I said.
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LJ Archive

LJ Book

LJ Export, internal

I recommend the LJ Archive, as the LJ Book site is suffering from extreme usage...

To get the Archive working, you have to download all the files, seperately, and then run the executable. Once it's installed, it instructs you in downloading your journal.

I tried the different LJ endorsed downloadable clients, but none for windows acutally support Exporting! (unless one of the command line ones do)
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This is sad. Unless they take corrective action, I will be leaving LJ shortly.


If it's not against the law, they need to back off. And abjectly apologize.

This strikes me as a very "For Your Own Good" type of thing.

Well, it's going to cost them hundreds of dollars on the part of myself, my wife, and thousands others. I hope they realize that, if this is what they stick with, their decision will cost them MILLIONS of dollars. On top of that, they have already shot their reputation in the foot, and are about to deal irreparable damage to it.

I don't know if it's the fact that they have breached the 13 million journal mark, or what. I would be that at least 4-5 million of those journals are not active.

This type of attitude makes me SICK.
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I've been an LJ user for years, and (for the most part) been happy with the service.

When the service has suffered technical issues, i've been patient; these issues have not always been in the hands of the people (see: Murphy's Law).

When the company was sold, I just sat it out. I figured they would not sell off to someone who would trash the ideal of the site.

Now, though...

Now, the admin (LJ) have done something stupid.

This group, WFI, has sent a massive complaint to LJ about journals in regards to child porn/pedo.

This, I do not object to, in itself. I insert standard disclaimer; Child Porn is bad, m'Kay? LJ's response, though, has been (so far) to suspend/delete the accounts.. many without checking them to verify the offense.

This includes accounts that were used for the noted infraction (good riddance), but also includes Survivors of such, as well as FanFic accounts and RP accounts. Many times, it seems, the account was suspended/deleted when something in the Interests list was even close to the subject.

This was something that is in the hands of the LJ admins. If someone makes a serious complaint about this type of subject, I do expect it to be addressed. What I also expect, though, is that they (LJ) will go through the research of verifying the validity of the complaint.

This kind of action really makes me second-guess my decision to continue to financially support LJ. I was considering getting a perm-account, next time they came up... not so sure on that now... or renewing the yearly...

I think it will depend on how they continue to handle this. If they fix their goofs, and apologize.. well, I can probably give them a second chance. If not, I think I will be moving on from LJ. Anywhere that the admin acts so strongly on Blind Stupidity is not somewhere I want to be, if they don't even have the decency to correct any mistakes they make.


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