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So, you may have noticed I was (and stil am!) a very happy kitteh.

Monday, I got into an argument with Omi. It was over something very silly, so much so I can't recall. Near the end of it, she realized she was late on her period. She trudged off to the bathroom, grumpily ready for the continued bad news that she was still not pregnant...

A moment later, I heard something I have been waiting to hear for more than two years. There is a tremor in someone's voice that says "I don't believe this. Please, come and tell me if I have finally went insane." That was the way she sounded. She asked me to come help her, and (knowing why she went in there, in the first place) I was suddenly feeling that it was a very good day. I got in there, and indeed confirmed there was a second line. She commenced to sobbing, and hugging. I commenced to hugging and smiling so hard my face wanted to break off. Two years is a long time, and I have already said the sentence "Yup, still pregnant." about 50 times. (I don't mind ./grin) We need to make a doctor's appointment or something next week, and there are a thousand thousand things to do.

Initially, we were gonna keep quiet about this for a few months, as if you are gonna have a mis-carriage, or if something is gonna go wrong, the first half of the pregnancy is when it is more likely to occur. But. We both understand this, and while it would rip our hearts out.. we now know that we *can* do this.. we know that she *can* be pregnant. So, we share the happy news, and pray to the goddess that the next nine months leaves us smelling like roses. So, we share our joy with you, our friends and family.

A toast, for those of you who remember such. A toast, to things oft wanted, to finally getting what you deserve, and to good news long in the making. 2009, you were a rough ride, and I would rather spork my eyes before going through this year again, but you are closing on one hell of a high-note..

./tosses empty glass of Orange Rum at the fireplace that's always waiting.


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