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Edited: Update

(Omimouse) - Kitty is currently in animal hospital. Negative for feline leukemia and FIV. Likely diagnosis: Auto-immune disorder, which made me thump my head into the wall a few times. (My mom has an auto-immune disorder, and since they've determined that preeclampsia is an auto-immune disorder, I have one as well. Now one of our freakin' *cats* has one.) They have her started on antibiotics and an IV for hydration/nutrition. They're also going to debride/clean/bandage her paws. The vet also mentioned getting her started on steroids.

What was in the PayPal account (thankyouthankyouthankyou) covered the initial exam and checking her into the hospital. The stay will cost about $600 more, and they're only keeping her until 8 AM Monday because they're an after-hours clinic ONLY. If they think she needs to go into another animal hospital, they'll tell us and give us a list of ones in the area. Which will be money above this visit.

So, that's where we stand right now. Uhm. On the plus side, negative for the two big nasties. And they're pretty sure this will be fairly easily treated/kept under control in the future. And now I need to go stop Stavan from grooming his belly raw out of stress.

(louisadkins) - To those who were asking, btw, there was nothing wrong with Robin's tongue. We did discuss the possible chemicals she could have gotten in to, and none of them make the Vet think it likely to be the cause of this.

It was good that we took her in, now, because her liver is just starting to show signs of heavy usage. With how little she's been eating and drinking, she would have been in a much worse condition by Monday. (her body would have been starved of resources)

I am coming to hate the month of May.

Early this month, we had to drop a significant amount of money on food because we'd ran low on almost everything. We then turned around and started looking at potential gun purchases (since the person we helped put away for rape a few years ago might make bail for a technicality re-trial.) Then our income took a nosedive, because the hours are based on purchases made and people aren't buying as much right now. (as in, 13 hours last week) Then, when we realized that our budget would need to be adjusted (right after we spent most of our money for the month) we realized we'd be okay, but just barely. Then, the sewer line clogged up. Thankfully, we have enough know-how available that we were able to repair it without getting a plumber.. but that ran us over $300 to do. Then, my computer started acting up. I've spent countless hours trying to get it to stay fixed - it keeps eating itself. Also, the motherboard is having Issues. Now? With a third of the month to go, still. We find, a couple days ago, that one of the cats (Robin) has something going wrong with her.

At first, we thought she'd gotten in to a dominance fight with one of the other cats. She didn't have unequal pupils, but she had raw spots on her ears, her nose, around and her mouth. We made sure she had food and water, and left her alone for a day. We noticed that she wasn't grooming, or moving much, and that she was keeping her paws protected. We gave her a wipe-down, and checked her paws, and found that all four of them seem to have something going wrong with them. The skin was peeling on all four of the paws, and there was something that looked almost like a sore on one. Yay.

We've got her cleaned up, and in kitty lock-down with her own food and water, etc. On advice, we're applying some garlic gel to her paws as a topical treatment. She needs to go to the vet. We have.. $20 to make it the next 10 days, and we'll need more gas for the car before the next check gets in. We're worried about her, though. She needs to go to a vet, to get checked out. There are a number of things this could be. Some of them are annoying but not very dangerous. Some of the possibilities, though, are not very pretty.

If anyone is able or willing to lend a hand on this, I would really appreciate it. I've tossed a paypal "Donate" link in here if anyone can spare some cash or coin. If anyone has any advice, feel free to toss that out, as well. Omi is hoping we can find some sort of booties to put on Robin's feet, for instance, but I would have no idea where to start.

(Due to this being a cross-posted post, I have uploaded pictures of Robin to a tumblr, found here.)
Click here to see the kitteh in question (Pics showing illness)


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