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So, I went and saw the Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Special, today. I had a blast. The ladies dressed up (one as Rose, the other as a local from the Volcano Day episode.) There were a lot of fans out, tonight. It was.. awesome. The theater had to open extra screens and do multiple screenings, due to popularity.

This meant a lot to me.

See, when I was young, Doctor Who was this show that no one else (that I knew of) watched. It was on PBS (sometimes late at night, or on Saturday afternoons.. and when they were doing the pledge drives, of course.) No one watched it. It was British. It was Sci-fi. It was British Sci-fi. (This was before the internet had really kicked off. There were BBS and some chat channels, I am sure, but the inter-connectivity of reality that we have today just wasn't there, yet.) Seeing all these people, local people!, out and proud to be there.. amazing.

I remember watching this show, as a kid. This wacky man in his little blue box that, yes, was bigger on the inside. He had companions that were younger than him, and sometimes they got in to trouble, and sometimes they saved him from trouble, and sometimes both happened. He was sometimes grumpy, but usually more zany and silly. (Baker was my first Doctor.) He always had a candy and an encouraging word for everyone, and he did what was right, even when it wasn't easy. Sometimes, he later figured out that he had made a mistake. He would go back and fix things, the best he could. He wasn't perfect, but he did his best. The Timeless God would occasionally make an appearance, but never for long. Serious was something best avoided, unless necessary. These qualities, in part, are what drew me to the show. They are qualities that I heavily internalized, at such a young age.

There wasn't much of a budget, but that didn't matter. The show charged the imagination, dropping such wonderful words and terms. The popular "reverse the polarity of the neutron flow." Exoskeletons. Cyborgs. Juicy, crunchy words with awesome meanings. And the ideas! Bio-mechanical organisms (Cyberman and Dalek) and parallel universes! Black holes and time travel, sonic screwdrivers and cannons! The very idea that time was not only flexible, but that it could be pinched and rolled around; taught to sit up and play tricks for its masters. When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be a time lord. :)

Then there was the fact that not all of the "bad guys" were monsters, and that not all the "monsters" were bad guys. Sometimes the bad guys were human, or fellow time lords. Sometimes, the bad guys weren't even bad guys - situational understanding, interpersonal and situational politics.

The Doctor had many things going for him, but above all was his compassion. He would fight the bad guy, but if he found out that someone was doing something bad because they felt they had no choice, he would usually offer to help them if they would just stop whatever they were doing.

This show probably influenced me more than I would be willing to admit, even considering that I love -and loved- it.

Watching the show be effectively resurrected in the early 2000s was a wonderful surprise. I was so very happy to see this coming back to TV, and (even better) with a budget! I was scared they would Get It Wrong, but -by and for the most part- it's been great. As a child, I would never in a million years have thought that I would be able to go to a theater and watch a special episode, like this.

I can honestly say that I waited most of my life to see this. It has been well worth it, and I look forward to that 100th Special (in 12D!)


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