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Slight update - the Van's engine is dead. They are looking in to the price for a certified used engine for us. Estimate unavailable until they can find someone with the correct parts, but the ballpark for a van engine replacement calls for three to four thousand dollars. ouch.
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So, a more specific description of what has happened last night/early this morning.

The three of us (Me, Naomi Adkins, and Arsenic Sanctuary) have been on a vacation in Washington state (first vacation in *mumble* years) made possible because of ( a ) tax return season, and ( b ) an awesome group of friends who offered to put us up while we were visiting. This last Saturday we started on our way home. (2600 miles)

Last night, we were driving through eastern Wyoming when we noticed one of the dash lights flickering on and off. It took a while to identify it as the Oil Pressure light, since it would only stay on for an instant. We then started noticing a knocking noise when we were accelerating to pass someone. We pulled in to a gas station, let the engine cool, and checked the oil.. then added a couple-three quarts, as well as some super-lube additive.

Back out on to the interstate we went. After about fifteen minutes, though, it became apparent that things were still amiss. After another five or ten minutes, we were worse off than we had been, before. The knocking was worse, and there at lower RPMs. As I began to pull over, we were starting to lose power.

At this point, I called AAA and requested a tow.

The tow driver took us back to a town that (hopefully) will have a shop that can take a look at the engine and figure out what is wrong. We're staying at a local inn as we await word.

The problem: We have about .. $150 to cover hotel costs, food costs, and repairs, as well as gas costs to finish our trip out. we are approximately 1500 miles from home. We already had to tap alternate funds because the water heater at home went belly up and my brother had to replace it, which meant we extended our trip/visit in WA.

Folks, friends, kind strangers, and little kittens getting ready to chase their tail off the top stair, lend me your ears. We are begging for help. Best case scenario is a cheap repair taking a couple days.. still leaving us needing hundreds of dollars. Worst case, we need a new engine, hotel time, gas, and foods. I can't even estimate the total cost until we hear back from the shop that the car won't be able to even possibly get in to until (if we are lucky) later today. I have no idea what help, if any, the insurance will be.. there was no accident.

Help. Please.

(Donations gratefully accepted via paypal - "louis.adkins@hotmail.com" )


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