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Blizzard is hiring...

I actually find myself wishing I lived in Irvine, CA.

One of the positions open is "Game Tester"

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for intelligent and highly motivated Game Testers to help test our upcoming computer and console games. Job duties include database entry, working closely with a team, and hours upon hours of game playing. An ideal candidate would be a hardcore gamer who is good at finding bugs and is even better at describing the bugs they've found in an organized and clear fashion.

Game Testers MUST be able to work full-time at our Headquarters facility in Irvine, California. This position is for the day or night shift depending on what is currently available. Applicants must also be available to work weekends. This is a temporary, entry-level position that is paid by the hour. Sorry, but there are no part-time or internship-level positions open at this time.

Blizzard offers a fun, creative, and challenging environment with excellent compensation and a full range of benefits. Blizzard is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


* Passion for computer and console video games
* Highly motivated
* Must be willing to work long and odd hours
* Must be able to follow directions
* Good communication skills (both oral and written)
* Strong work ethic
* High level character on World of Warcraft a plus!

No follow-up calls or e-mails, please. This is a full-time position in Irvine, CA; internships and part-time positions are not available at this time.

Applicants must submit (i) a cover letter (make sure to mention language proficiencies, if any), (ii) their resume, and (iii) a mock game review of their latest favorite video game. Only resumes with cover letters and mock reviews will be considered.

< snip >

I wish!

... good work ethic.

I can just see it. "Get your ass into work and so you can play the new, not yet released, game!"
I just don't think I would be late for this job, very often.


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