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I've entered a raffle that has books from Diane Duane's 'Young Wizards' series as potential rewards (you choose.) If anyone else is interested, it's open until month's end, and here's the link. https://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/ec620de082/
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I should probably note that my Dad is fine.
My Muse awoke after a set of disturbing dreams.
I don't mind it being linked to, if anyone wants to.

This is a truth.

(Written by Louis D. Adkins, 7/16/2014)

Torn remnants of my father's life,
trash scattered in the wind,
a thousand cans of soups and beans,
and moon-pie wrappers split at seams,
the front door to the old house screams,
as he stares, alone, into his hell..
on Earth, alone and but forgotten, save his parents love.

The signs of pets and little things, attempts to mend reality,
to seek out shelter 'gainst the storm of arrows red with blood.

For Times best archers loosed these shots,
the volleys fall and are forgot,
the ammunition, scattered lot,
each single one, a moment hot,
with tears and breath,
and wrong turns wrought
to strive and fail, again.

Each moment much like litter, found,
inside his head, as they rain down,
and find their mark, the circle dark,
upon the hend, a bleeding mound.

For to secure the hearts necess*,
He thought he walked the way,
Alone, so as to not disturb,
the great body of what he'd serve,
not understanding how he'd gotten,
stranded by the wind and rock,
his feet betrayed him, tired and stock,
followed every order, how dare they?

When lightning came and stole his breath,
he called out loudly, denying death,
but to his shock, they all were deaf,
except his parents, barely came.

They took him to the stream of strife,
it's delta sterile, in name of life,
and silent hands cut flesh with knife,
righting some of wrong.

And finally did he see now,
that path he took, so long ago,
the one that looked like it would help,
left him to nearly die, alone.

And in his heart did he now feel,
the poisoned space around him, filled,
almost to height of his own head,
drowning in himself, they said.

He realized the truth, you see, and seized the lightnings curse.
He wielded flash and pain to head and heart, oh, heart, t'would burst.
In looking back, he saw his path, that led into the rain,
deciding to, if life would bid, to walk a different plain.
For now he knew, each step he took, in trying to protect, insure,
left desolate, the things he loved, removed the most important core,
He knew, now, what Love meant. He knew he wanted more.

Time, to bend the arrow-head, and blunt the razor edge,
Time remade for him; to be alone, no more!
Time to smile, and hug, and laugh, and remove every wedge,
For nothing stops the arrow's fall,
but now he knows that his close call,
was not with death alone, but with an unattended grave,

And slightly odd relief of knowing that he's finally gone,
shall be replaced with sad, soft smiles, and memories that are drawn,
those blood-stained arrows may not cease, but now he knows, he kens**,
that in the end, let Time be sweet, if bitter, in its ends.

*necess: That which is necessary
**kens: To know something, to understand. "You ken?" = "You understand?"
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Spontaneous creativity, here you go.
(Take a guess who it was written for..)

""This Man is your Man""
by L.D. Adkins
March 20, 2014
(Filk based on "This Land Is Your Land")

This man is your man, this man's not my man,
He carried hatred, across the mainland,
For fallen soldiers, for gays and lesbians,
This man was made for you, not me.

As I was watching, he embraced misery,
He spewed forth venom, called it delivery,
He offered false words, preferred the pillory,
This man was made for you, not me.

With every step took, he turned his back more,
Ignored the needy, the sick, and the poor,
He brought out bigots, rotten to the core,
This man was made for you, not me.

As he grew older, his words grew bolder,
The darkness in him, consumed and smolder'd,
His mind grew sicker, his heart grew colder,
This man was made for you, not me.

And in his last days, he held warped dogma,
Sought not forgiveness, but yet more drama,
And so he passed on, leaving great trauma,
This man was made for you, not me.

So now his soul's here, standing before you,
His day has come now, his debts have come due,
And so I send him, down to his home true,
This man was made for you, not me.
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(X-Posted to Dreamwidth and Facebook)

Ladies and Gentlebeings, I direct those of you at the back of the tent to move closer, so everyone can see the display. We're moving, but we need some help getting there. Please take a moment to read up on it, and contribute if you can. Either way, I would appreciate a signal boost from as many people as possible. Thanks, all!

Click here to go to the fundraiser page.
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So, I went and saw the Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Special, today. I had a blast. The ladies dressed up (one as Rose, the other as a local from the Volcano Day episode.) There were a lot of fans out, tonight. It was.. awesome. The theater had to open extra screens and do multiple screenings, due to popularity.

This meant a lot to me.

See, when I was young, Doctor Who was this show that no one else (that I knew of) watched. It was on PBS (sometimes late at night, or on Saturday afternoons.. and when they were doing the pledge drives, of course.) No one watched it. It was British. It was Sci-fi. It was British Sci-fi. (This was before the internet had really kicked off. There were BBS and some chat channels, I am sure, but the inter-connectivity of reality that we have today just wasn't there, yet.) Seeing all these people, local people!, out and proud to be there.. amazing.

I remember watching this show, as a kid. This wacky man in his little blue box that, yes, was bigger on the inside. He had companions that were younger than him, and sometimes they got in to trouble, and sometimes they saved him from trouble, and sometimes both happened. He was sometimes grumpy, but usually more zany and silly. (Baker was my first Doctor.) He always had a candy and an encouraging word for everyone, and he did what was right, even when it wasn't easy. Sometimes, he later figured out that he had made a mistake. He would go back and fix things, the best he could. He wasn't perfect, but he did his best. The Timeless God would occasionally make an appearance, but never for long. Serious was something best avoided, unless necessary. These qualities, in part, are what drew me to the show. They are qualities that I heavily internalized, at such a young age.

There wasn't much of a budget, but that didn't matter. The show charged the imagination, dropping such wonderful words and terms. The popular "reverse the polarity of the neutron flow." Exoskeletons. Cyborgs. Juicy, crunchy words with awesome meanings. And the ideas! Bio-mechanical organisms (Cyberman and Dalek) and parallel universes! Black holes and time travel, sonic screwdrivers and cannons! The very idea that time was not only flexible, but that it could be pinched and rolled around; taught to sit up and play tricks for its masters. When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be a time lord. :)

Then there was the fact that not all of the "bad guys" were monsters, and that not all the "monsters" were bad guys. Sometimes the bad guys were human, or fellow time lords. Sometimes, the bad guys weren't even bad guys - situational understanding, interpersonal and situational politics.

The Doctor had many things going for him, but above all was his compassion. He would fight the bad guy, but if he found out that someone was doing something bad because they felt they had no choice, he would usually offer to help them if they would just stop whatever they were doing.

This show probably influenced me more than I would be willing to admit, even considering that I love -and loved- it.

Watching the show be effectively resurrected in the early 2000s was a wonderful surprise. I was so very happy to see this coming back to TV, and (even better) with a budget! I was scared they would Get It Wrong, but -by and for the most part- it's been great. As a child, I would never in a million years have thought that I would be able to go to a theater and watch a special episode, like this.

I can honestly say that I waited most of my life to see this. It has been well worth it, and I look forward to that 100th Special (in 12D!)
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So, first, a million thanks to everyone who has chipped in to help us out.
Thanks to you, we've been able to afford our hotel stay and food budget.
Internet, you rock!

Here is where we stand:

Hotel Stay (through repair): PAID
Food through today: PAID
Engine Repair: PAID! (Extra big thanks to the person who stepped up to help on this!)
Food, tomorrow through repair: Mostly PAID (depending)
Rental Car, One Day: PAID
Food and Gas from here to home: Unpaid

My brother gets paid on Friday, meaning we can make up some of the difference, depending on bills.
We're probably going to need about $250 - $300 for the rest of the food and gas.

We are going to be all-right!

Again, thanks.. and, you rock!
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Slight update - the Van's engine is dead. They are looking in to the price for a certified used engine for us. Estimate unavailable until they can find someone with the correct parts, but the ballpark for a van engine replacement calls for three to four thousand dollars. ouch.
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So, a more specific description of what has happened last night/early this morning.

The three of us (Me, Naomi Adkins, and Arsenic Sanctuary) have been on a vacation in Washington state (first vacation in *mumble* years) made possible because of ( a ) tax return season, and ( b ) an awesome group of friends who offered to put us up while we were visiting. This last Saturday we started on our way home. (2600 miles)

Last night, we were driving through eastern Wyoming when we noticed one of the dash lights flickering on and off. It took a while to identify it as the Oil Pressure light, since it would only stay on for an instant. We then started noticing a knocking noise when we were accelerating to pass someone. We pulled in to a gas station, let the engine cool, and checked the oil.. then added a couple-three quarts, as well as some super-lube additive.

Back out on to the interstate we went. After about fifteen minutes, though, it became apparent that things were still amiss. After another five or ten minutes, we were worse off than we had been, before. The knocking was worse, and there at lower RPMs. As I began to pull over, we were starting to lose power.

At this point, I called AAA and requested a tow.

The tow driver took us back to a town that (hopefully) will have a shop that can take a look at the engine and figure out what is wrong. We're staying at a local inn as we await word.

The problem: We have about .. $150 to cover hotel costs, food costs, and repairs, as well as gas costs to finish our trip out. we are approximately 1500 miles from home. We already had to tap alternate funds because the water heater at home went belly up and my brother had to replace it, which meant we extended our trip/visit in WA.

Folks, friends, kind strangers, and little kittens getting ready to chase their tail off the top stair, lend me your ears. We are begging for help. Best case scenario is a cheap repair taking a couple days.. still leaving us needing hundreds of dollars. Worst case, we need a new engine, hotel time, gas, and foods. I can't even estimate the total cost until we hear back from the shop that the car won't be able to even possibly get in to until (if we are lucky) later today. I have no idea what help, if any, the insurance will be.. there was no accident.

Help. Please.

(Donations gratefully accepted via paypal - "louis.adkins@hotmail.com" )

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I had been reading LJ, still. A few people that I like to read still have not made the DW or FB leap. An awesome community or two.

. . .

Yeah, at this point, it's so sucktastic that I think I will just pass on it.

(I will probably rss the few communities and personal journals, there; I will lose the comments, but *shrugs*)
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Please feel free to sign and share this link.

Sign my petition to get Rush Limbaugh off the (local) air.

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Edited: Update

(Omimouse) - Kitty is currently in animal hospital. Negative for feline leukemia and FIV. Likely diagnosis: Auto-immune disorder, which made me thump my head into the wall a few times. (My mom has an auto-immune disorder, and since they've determined that preeclampsia is an auto-immune disorder, I have one as well. Now one of our freakin' *cats* has one.) They have her started on antibiotics and an IV for hydration/nutrition. They're also going to debride/clean/bandage her paws. The vet also mentioned getting her started on steroids.

What was in the PayPal account (thankyouthankyouthankyou) covered the initial exam and checking her into the hospital. The stay will cost about $600 more, and they're only keeping her until 8 AM Monday because they're an after-hours clinic ONLY. If they think she needs to go into another animal hospital, they'll tell us and give us a list of ones in the area. Which will be money above this visit.

So, that's where we stand right now. Uhm. On the plus side, negative for the two big nasties. And they're pretty sure this will be fairly easily treated/kept under control in the future. And now I need to go stop Stavan from grooming his belly raw out of stress.

(louisadkins) - To those who were asking, btw, there was nothing wrong with Robin's tongue. We did discuss the possible chemicals she could have gotten in to, and none of them make the Vet think it likely to be the cause of this.

It was good that we took her in, now, because her liver is just starting to show signs of heavy usage. With how little she's been eating and drinking, she would have been in a much worse condition by Monday. (her body would have been starved of resources)

I am coming to hate the month of May.

Early this month, we had to drop a significant amount of money on food because we'd ran low on almost everything. We then turned around and started looking at potential gun purchases (since the person we helped put away for rape a few years ago might make bail for a technicality re-trial.) Then our income took a nosedive, because the hours are based on purchases made and people aren't buying as much right now. (as in, 13 hours last week) Then, when we realized that our budget would need to be adjusted (right after we spent most of our money for the month) we realized we'd be okay, but just barely. Then, the sewer line clogged up. Thankfully, we have enough know-how available that we were able to repair it without getting a plumber.. but that ran us over $300 to do. Then, my computer started acting up. I've spent countless hours trying to get it to stay fixed - it keeps eating itself. Also, the motherboard is having Issues. Now? With a third of the month to go, still. We find, a couple days ago, that one of the cats (Robin) has something going wrong with her.

At first, we thought she'd gotten in to a dominance fight with one of the other cats. She didn't have unequal pupils, but she had raw spots on her ears, her nose, around and her mouth. We made sure she had food and water, and left her alone for a day. We noticed that she wasn't grooming, or moving much, and that she was keeping her paws protected. We gave her a wipe-down, and checked her paws, and found that all four of them seem to have something going wrong with them. The skin was peeling on all four of the paws, and there was something that looked almost like a sore on one. Yay.

We've got her cleaned up, and in kitty lock-down with her own food and water, etc. On advice, we're applying some garlic gel to her paws as a topical treatment. She needs to go to the vet. We have.. $20 to make it the next 10 days, and we'll need more gas for the car before the next check gets in. We're worried about her, though. She needs to go to a vet, to get checked out. There are a number of things this could be. Some of them are annoying but not very dangerous. Some of the possibilities, though, are not very pretty.

If anyone is able or willing to lend a hand on this, I would really appreciate it. I've tossed a paypal "Donate" link in here if anyone can spare some cash or coin. If anyone has any advice, feel free to toss that out, as well. Omi is hoping we can find some sort of booties to put on Robin's feet, for instance, but I would have no idea where to start.

(Due to this being a cross-posted post, I have uploaded pictures of Robin to a tumblr, found here.)
Click here to see the kitteh in question (Pics showing illness)

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I was going to post something of substance, but it opened the back door in my mind and slipped out before I could manage to do so. :/
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Trying to decide what to do, today.

Need to clean the room up, and see if I can find the Quicken Disc.
Need to put laundry away.
Also need to put together some more storyline for my games.
Need to update a character.
Need to do the whole exercise/shower thing.
Need to win the lottery. :P

Where to start, first....
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
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It is somewhat ironic that this song, which is one of my more favorite songs from a game, is a prayer to a god that I don't follow. (I do nod my hat in the general direction of the Christian God, as I understand, just not most of his followers. Good Christians are hard to find, but I have found a few of them.)

The video from the game can be found here.

There is also a video that someone did of a piano rendition of the song, found here.

It struck me earlier, as I listened to it, that it actually sounds like the people singing it are happy and joyful. They don't sound depressed, or solemn. They don't sound desperate or sad. They sound like someone singing praise to something they care about. That's one up on most of the Christian prayers I've heard in my life. :)


Feb. 9th, 2011 07:48 pm
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Facebook is currently not displaying correctly, for me. I don't know why, but the frames are broken and out of place. Working, now.
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Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife, [personal profile] omimouse!

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Quoted from [livejournal.com profile] sinboy's post here:

"Our dear friend [livejournal.com profile] aqeldroma suffered a house fire yesterday, and was left with literally nothing but the clothes on her back. [livejournal.com profile] rosefox posts about it here. (DONATE BUTTON BELOW THIS LINK)

If you can spare some cash via paypal, and/or help spread the message, please let us know. Alyssa is a good friend. She's generous and has always helped us out when we needed it, especially with work for rosefox.

Please please, if you can't donate, pass the word on in your journal. I know we can make a difference if we all try."
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